Assessing Learning 3rd International Learning Conference

Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre



Assessing Learning

3rd International Learning Conference

for teachers, principals, and educational leaders interested in enhancing student learning

16-17 November 2018

Baku, Azerbaijan
European Azerbaijan School
1128, A.Abbaszade



The Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre (ATDC) is delighted to welcome you to the 3rd International Learning Conference: ‘Assessing Learning’ on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November and the Post Conference ‘Master Class’ Series on Sunday 18 November 2018. The Conference will be held at the European Azerbaijan School’s Secondary Campus in Badamdar.

This year’s conference will focus on Assessing Learning. During the Conference participants will develop a deep understanding of the principles of assessment with a particular focus on Formative Assessment – Assessment for Learning. Participants will be able to clarify and understand learning intentions and criteria for success; providing feedback that enables learners to move forward; managing effective classroom discussions, questions and tasks that provide evidence of learning and ways to enable students to become teaching and learning resources for each other.

The Conference brings outstanding international Keynote speakers and presenters to Baku. Speakers include Andy Griffiths – the co-author of two books: Outstanding Teaching: Engaging learners and Outstanding Teaching: Teaching backwards along with Karen Sewell – Principal of Sheringham School, leading educators Hannah Phillips, Stephen Crooks, Carly Maguire, and Khadija Jafarova, ATDC’s leading expert in Assessment practices who will deliver a keynote - Putting it into practice: Problems and solutions for Azerbaijan classrooms.

Highly experienced international and local Azerbaijani educators and teachers will be presenting a wide and diverse range of breakout workshops in support of our Keynote speakers and presenters.

In addition to the professional learning and development experiences offered by worlds class educational leaders, the conference will provide opportunities for teachers from around Azerbaijan to meet together, to network and to share best practice.

On behalf of ATDC, I extend to you an invitation to attend this conference.
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With best regards
Graeme Pollock

Graeme Pollock